Objective 3

Identifying and analyzing information needs and opportunities of individuals and organizations, both within the traditional information service areas and the broader information sector.

Artifact 1: Scandinavian Art and Culture pathfinder. https://sites.google.com/site/scandinaviasubjectpathfinder/
  • One of my early assignments was to create a pathfinder. The mechanism of this particular project was to identify a library, review its resources and then create a pathfinder based on a specific topic. We were to outline to basic groups, circulating resources and non-circulating resources. Then, within those groups, create the list, supplemented by outside resources recommended for inclusion or further research.
  • In my pathfinder, I reviewed the subject guides from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. This school has a department of Scandinavian Studies and the library has guides for many related topics, the closest being Norway philology, but nothing that directly relates to learning Scandinavian Language and Culture. My goal was to incorporate dictionaries, movies, music and other materials that allows the learner to gain a wide variety of experiences learning to speak, hear, and understand the language and culture, because this was an educational need that wasn’t being addressed.
Artifact 2: Community Analysis for Moline, IL and Moline Public Library. http://libraryschool.campusguides.com/content.php?pid=392721
  • This project analyzes a community with the purpose of uncovering its needs. Then, studying the library that services that community, I evaluating it to see if that library is meeting the community need.
  • In my work I studied the city of Moline, Illinois. What I discovered is that this area has a regional initiative, Moline included, to revitalize their riverfront area. There is a heavy push to increased business and establish a technology sector. The geography and infrastructure also reflects many local and regional historic landmarks that can be leveraged. Taking this information to the library catalog, I discovered that the library could be directly supporting this community initiative by increasing their collection development in small business startup information, historic preservation and renovation preservation, and marketing initiatives. This analysis demonstrates my ability to understand and create a plan for libraries to stay relevant and directly contribute to the information needs of the community.
Artifact 3: Paper on Colony Collapse Disorder. GriffinTM_LIS749_CCD research paper
  • The focus of the crisis informatics class is to understand how people and groups communicate in emergency events. A large focus of this topic involves understanding and identifying information needs, and to go further, to understand how these needs change with timing and the nature of the event itself.
  • The crisis I chose to investigate was Colony Collapse disorder. In objective two, I briefly described the ongoing event (the severe and sudden decrease of pollinating commercial bees and potential downstream effects on our agricultural system).  In this artifact, my paper discussed the information and communication system in the United States agricultural system. What I have found is that the United States has an extensive system for communicating to farmers and ancillary industries; however, there is the beginning of a communications gap because of the rapid increase of technology. Simply put, the infrastructure supporting communications to farmers is being outgrown. This work shows that I can analyze and understand communication needs from various sectors, both within the library and without.

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