Objective 5

Designing, implementing and evaluating systems, technologies, services and products that connect users with information.

Artifact 1: University Health System paper. University Health System
  • In our management course, a required assignment was to interview a library director. The purpose was to give us the overall perception on what it takes to keep a library operational. I chose a medical library in the Chicago suburbs. A large focus of what we discussed was the user groups that the library services and how to accommodate the various activities on campus.
  • In this artifact, I discuss the breakdown of services and user statistics as reported to me. Included in this discussion is how the library uses these statistics to understand the needs of the community. In describing this community and the library services I point out the unanswered questions that fell outside our conversation. This descriptive analysis demonstrates my ability to evaluate library operations as a whole, as opposed to parts.
Artifact 2: Scenario response paper. GriffinTM_ScenarioResp2012
  • The scenario response, as described above in objective four, is an evaluative assignment. In order to complete this assignment we had to evaluate the problem and the current response to the problem in order to propose communication systems that would be appropriate. This analysis also required an analysis of technologies in order to determine what would be reasonable to implement.
Artifact 3: Class website. http://infostorageandretrieval.wordpress.com/
  • My information storage and retrieval class focused heavily on evaluation on evaluating services and connecting users to information. One of the assignments was to create our own website and use search engine optimization techniques in order to learn how to connect to users in an online environment. The interesting constraint to this assignment was that we weren’t given any freedom regarding content. The content was given to us and was identical for all of us. We then observed how our websites “ranked” in terms of search engine retrieval.
  • This assignment gave me practical experience in designing and implementing a strategy for reaching viewers. Our class readings gave us the concepts to work with and explained the relative importance of certain elements, like meta tags and site titles. This was a dynamic learning experience, because the content for all our sites were the same, we could see the differences that seemingly little choices made. This work directly translates to my future work in academic libraries. Current user interaction in the sciences is almost all digital and through library websites. In addition, digital repositories are rising in number to capture the academic literature that doesn’t fall into traditionally published categories. I will use the concepts learned through this assignment to make the content of these systems available to our users.

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