Objective 6

Practicing a variety of management, communication and organizational skills to facilitate appropriate change within libraries and communities.

Artifact 1: Advocacy plan for BSA. BSA Advocacy plan-final
  • The Service Learning project from objective one, described above, had several components. The bulk of the project was to perform a library or literacy project for an institution. In addition to the physical work, we were to take what we learned about that institution and create an advocacy plan for them. The intent was not to give them the plan, necessarily; but to act as if we were in a position to and create an appropriate proposal.
  • For our advocacy plan, we chose to focus on marketing and outreach. The statistics we gathered from their published information we identified the key problem as a general decline in membership and questionable financial solvency. The outline that we assembled covered a description of the organization including strengths and weaknesses, a marketing plan, with targeted goals, and assessment framework. This work was designed to give to the key stakeholders in this organization to influence their decision making regarding declining membership.
Artifact 2: Community Analysis of Moline, IL and Moline Public Library. http://libraryschool.campusguides.com/content.php?pid=392721
  • The work of collection development involves management, communication, and organizational skills regarding the materials the library makes available to its patron base. For my collection management class, we were assigned a community analysis project (previously described in objective three). The ultimate purpose of this assignment was to facilitate a collection change according to the needs discovered.
  • For this objective, the artifact contains a listing of resources that are proposed to add to the collection. This work outlines a proposal reflecting the change needed in the collection, the rationale for it, and communicates how this will positively benefit the community served. It is meant to be a communication tool used to justify a purchasing decision.
Artifact 3: Rebecca Crown Library weeding and deselection project. http://libraryschool.campusguides.com/content.php?pid=373634
  • Similar to artifact two is the Crown Library weeding project. Also in my collection management class, I created a guide intended to influence decision making. In this project, we were assigned a section of the print collection to evaluate for weeding. We were to discover and outline which portion of the curriculum our section supports. Then, evaluate each book for weeding based on several criteria.
  • This project became a communication and evaluation tool for the librarians at Dominican. Weeding a collection is a natural stage in the life of library materials. By creating an outline that links the specific materials with the curriculum, I communicate the individual value of a resource relative to the teaching goals.  Overall, this projects facilitates the tedious first step of initial assessment, allowing the weeding process to proceed more efficiently.

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