Objective 7

Teaching others to identify, analyze, organize and use information.

Artifact 1: Technique Tutorial. 11-01-11_TechTutorial_databases
  • Throughout this program I have been working full time as a molecular biologist at a nearby research university. During this time, my work has benefitted from my education in that I have been able to help them organizational systems better than they and been doing on their own. In addition, my current laboratory group has implemented “technique tutorials” education. This is an opportunity to share with the work group an overview of specialize knowledge or technology that would be of use to them. While most would select science specific topics to present, I have permission to have wider latitude to incorporate more technology based presentations.
  • The presentation that I have included here is the differences between and uses of spreadsheets versus databases. Frequently our work requires us to keep records of large quantities of numerical or categorical data. Typically this has been done in spreadsheets, but I had to opportunity to share the advantages of creating our own simple databases. The presentation was well received, and it influenced a number of laboratory processes positively, implementing databases where appropriate.
Artifact 2. TMGriffin_Ins Sess_GoalsObjLess Instruction session handout
  • The user instruction class encompasses both theory and practice in teaching and focused on library instruction issues. The final component of this class was to design and instruct on a topic of our choice. The instruction module had to have a complete outlined curriculum and active learning component.
  • As my background was unique to my class cohort, I chose to create an instruction session on creating science posters. In this session, I covered the parts of the poster and design issues. The active learning component was to create a mock-up of a poster using paper and markers. In my work experience, students do not have instruction on how to do this and frequently learn by haphazard methods. This assignment allows me to create a tool that fills that gap.

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